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Cable TV Advisory Committee


Frederick Beal
Walter Healey, Jr.
Ian Lewis

Robert Marshall

Address: 346 Bedford Street
Lakeville, MA  02347
Phone: 508 946-8803
Fax: 508 946-0112
EMail: Send emails to the Selectmen's Office at tcraig-mcgee@lakevillema.org
Hours: No office hours available


The Cable Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Selectmen, who by law, is the "issuing authority" for the Town.  The Board of Selectmen is ultimately the decision-making body regarding all cable issues.  They look to the Cable Committee for information, guidance, and recommendations regarding cable issues  .As a Committee, we meet on an "as-needed" basis now that the most recent license has been signed.

The Cable Committee also acts as a buffer for the Board of Selectmen regarding complaints from the citizens and subscribers in the Town.  Please contact us with any concerns/complaints by using the email address provided on this page or you may also contact the Board of Selectmen's office and your message will be relayed to the Cable Committee.  Sometimes the Cable Committee can help with resolution of problems with the Cable TV companies (excluding Satellite TV companies). 

Last Updated: Thursday, Aug 12, 2004

346 Bedford Street Lakeville, MA  02347


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