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Members                           Aaron Burke
Lorraine Carboni
Robert Chestnut
Laurie Driscoll
John Olivieri, Jr.
Sandra Martini-Gamache, Associate
Timothy Fletcher, Associate
Address 346 Bedford Street
Lakeville, MA 02347
Telephone (508) 946-8803
Fax Number (508) 946-0112
Email Address rgarbitt@lakevillema.org



Business Guide The Economic Development Committee has developed a Business Guide for the Town of Lakeville.  To view the Guide, please click here. 


The Economic Development Committee has released the results of the Economic Development Resident Survey.  To view the results, please click here. 

Charge of the Committee

The Town of Lakeville shall establish an Economic Development Committee to advise the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee, Planning Board and other land-use regulatory and advisory committees on matters related to economic development and to support, promote, encourage and advocate projects that expands the Town’s commercial tax base in a manner that strengthens the local economy and diversifies the tax base consistent with the character of our community.  The Committee shall work to maintain inter-board relationships to effectively address emergent issues with other communities from a business perspective through the appointment of liaisons to other land-use regulatory and advisory committees.    

The Committee shall be comprised of five (5) members, including one (1) Selectman and four (4) at-large-members and two (2) associate members with preference given to individuals with professional expertise in commercial real estate financing development; real estate financing or development; real estate law; utilities or technology; marketing or merchandising; business or non-profit organization development; training and education; business owners; or participation in business associations and organizations.  Said terms shall be one (1) year in length and expire on July 31st of each year.

The purpose of the Committee shall be:

  1. To identify changing economic trends and development resources available to town boards and commissions.
  1. To develop and advocate for an economic development strategy that maximizes commercial property tax revenues and generates employment opportunities as part of a broader, long-range strategic plan for the community as established by the Board of Selectmen.
  1. To continuously review town by-laws, regulations and zones for consistency with the Town’s economic development goals, and to make any applicable recommendations to improve permitting, licensing and regulatory functions to the appropriate board or commission.
  1. To promote streamlining of the Town’s regulatory processes as related to commercial development.
  1. To advocate for state and federal legislation and regulations that advance economic development in Lakeville.
  1. To work with staff to obtain state and federal grants to further the economic development strategy.
  1. To support and encourage new business seeking to locate in Lakeville and existing businesses seeking to remain or expand in Lakeville.

      The Committee shall meet on a schedule as determined necessary to achieve its goals.

346 Bedford Street Lakeville, MA  02347


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