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Vital Statistics

This office records all Vital Statistic Records (births, deaths and marriages) and issues certified copies of same at a cost of $10.00 each.  Our records date back to 1853 when we were incorporated (although some of the earlier records are missing).

We will have Birth Records if the parents were residents of Lakeville at the time of the birth.  We will have Marriage Records if the couple filed their intentions for marriage in Lakeville.  We will have Death Records of people who died in Lakeville or were a resident of Lakeville when they died.

All people who marry in Massachusetts must have a marriage license issued in Massachusetts.  You must both apply in person for a marriage license.  This requirement is applicable to both residents and non-residents of the Commonwealth, and you may do so with the city or town clerk in any community in the state.  If a person is in the military, intentions may be filed by either party, providing one is a Massachusetts resident.  If a person is incarcerated in a county house of correction or state correctional facility, intentions may be filed by either party.  A marriage license, once obtained, is valid for 60 days from the date intentions are filed and may be used in any Massachusetts city or town.  It is not valid outside of the state.  The fee for a marriage license is $30.00.

There is a mandatory three-day waiting period.  While Sunday and holiday are included in the three days, the day the application is made is not.  If there are extraordinary or emergency circumstances, the couple may obtain a court waiver from the probate or district court after filing their intention with the clerk.

You MUST be at least 18 years old (under 18 will need a court order from probate or district court).  





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