Community Development Committee

Charge of the Committee

The Town of Lakeville shall establish a Community Development Committee to advise the Board of Selectmen, and other regulatory and advisory committees on matters related to community-related economic development and to support, promote, encourage, and advocate projects that expand the Town’s commercial tax base through promotion of community events and tourism in a manner that strengthens the local economy consistent with the character of our community. The Committee shall work to maintain inter-board relationships to effectively address emergent issues with other communities from a business perspective through the appointment of liaisons to other regulatory and advisory committees.

The Committee shall be compromised of five (5) members, including one Selectman and four & (4) at-large member and two (2) associate members. Said terms shall be one (1) year in length and expire on July 31st of each year.

The purpose of the Committee shall be:
  • To enhance and promote community events and tourism opportunities within the town through collaboration with other town committees and boards.
  • To collaborate with other town and regional tourism boards and committees wither applicable in promoting and creating events in order to foster a spirit of regionalization.
  • To serve as an arm of the town to drive community volunteers to areas where needed.
  • To work with staff and other boards to obtain State and Federal grants related to community development and tourism.
  • To identify economic development opportunities related to community development and tourism.

The Committee shall meet on a schedule as determined necessary to achieve its goals.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Tracie Craig-McGee (508) 946-8803

Committee Members