Firearms Licensing

Firearms Licensing

Firearms Identification Card (F.I.D.) & License To Carry Firearms

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Application to process License to Carry and FID’s will be by appointment only. Applications may be left at the front desk for the attention of Capt. Sean Joyce.

The first step in applying for, or renewing a Firearms license is to submit an application to the police department. The application can be obtained at the Lakeville Police station or downloaded. Massachusetts Firearms Application

First time applicants are required to complete a Basic Firearms Safety Class or approved Hunter Safety Course and provide two references to include telephone numbers and addresses. The class must be a class approved by the Executive Office of Public Safety and taught by a certified instructor.

Class A License To Carry, must be 21 years old, not statutorily disqualified and deemed to be a suitable person. The holder of a Class A License To Carry is entitled to purchase, possess and carry firearms, rifles and shotguns, including large capacity weapons and feeding devices and ammunition, for all lawful purposes, subject to such restrictions relative to the possession, use, and carrying as the licensing authority deems proper.

Please Note: An FID card is no longer required to purchase and/or possess self defense spray (Mace / Pepper Spray) for persons 18 years of age or older.

Please be advised that the Lakeville Police Department will only issue firearms licenses to individuals residing in Lakeville and that we do verify addresses. Once you have completed your application and have your Basic Firearms Safety/Hunter Safety Course Certificate, if required, bring your application, certificate (If new Applicant) to the police station. There is a $100.00, non-refundable fee for all first time applicants and renewals under seventy (70) years of age.

The police department accepts personal checks or money orders. We do not accept cash. Upon receipt of your application, an appointment will be made with Capt. Sean Joyce to review your application. During this appointment, you will be fingerprinted and your photograph will be taken.

The Lakeville Police Department utilizes the Massachusetts Instant Records Check System (MIRCS). This is a computerized system that cross-references numerous databases across the country.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of carefully answering the questions in the application. False statements or incomplete information serve as grounds for denial of the application and potential criminal charges. Every question needs to be answered. Many people fail to answer questions concerning build and complexion. These questions need to be answered in order for the application to be entered into the computer system.

Failure to answer all questions will result in your application being delayed. Pay special attention to Question Ten. If you have ever been a defendant in a criminal matter. It does not matter if the case was dismissed, sealed, or you were told that it would not show up on your record. As part of the records check, we will check your record in all fifty states. The information from that offense may not disqualify you from obtaining a firearms license. The failure to disclose the incident will.

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