Substance Abuse Information

The Lakeville Police Department stands ready to assist you and your family with identifying and dealing with a loved one or someone close to you that may have or maybe developing an addiction problem with either drugs or alcohol.

Our department is a member of Plymouth County Outreach (PCO). Project Outreach is a collaboration of Public Safety Agencies and Healthcare Providers created to respond to the ever-growing number of opiate overdoses by conducting follow-up visits within 12-24 hours after an overdose. The program is not limited to those addicted to opiates. It is for those who are at risk, and everyone impacted by addiction.

If you would like to speak with someone confidentially concerning a loved one or would like to request further information, please call the Lakeville Police Department at 508-947-4422 ext. 122

What is Heroin?
What is Fentanyl?
Know the Signs of an Overdose

Initiating Court-Ordered Assisted Treatment

A section 35 is a civil commitment of a person who is having alcohol or substance abuse issues. If there is a person who is abusing drugs or alcohol. A family member, police officer, guardian or court official can petition the court to “section 35″ the individual, which means to detain and send the abuser to a treatment facility. The court has a doctor interview the abuser and to give an opinion to the court. The court rules on whether the person should be detained for treatment. Please visit Section 35 at for additional information.

Application for Section 35 
How to write Section 35 Petition 
Petition for Section 35 Commitment 
Petition for Section 35 


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Please Note: Some of these files require a PDF reader. If you do not have Adobe PDF Reader installed, you can install it here. These forms can be filled out and submitted to the Office of the Clerk Magistrate at the Wareham District Court or any District Court whose jurisdiction where you may reside. These documents will be reviewed by a Judge and Medical Clinician who will determine a course of action and will in most cases issue a Court Order for an individual to be committed for Court Ordered Treatment for a specific period of time. This can be done without the services of an attorney.