Commisioner to Qualify Oath of Office



Lillian M. Drane, Town Clerk, MMC/CMMC
Jessie R. Berry, Assistant Town Clerk

If you have been appointed as a Justice of the Peace or Notary Public by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and need to take your oath of office you may come into the Lakeville Town Clerk's Office in lieu of going into the Secretary of the Commonwealths’ office in Boston.

You will need to provide the Commissioners with a Commission or valid appointment letter.

The fee is $10.00 which is payable to the Town of Lakeville upon receiving the Oath of Office by the Commissioners.  All necessary paperwork is then forwarded to the Secretary of State. 

Please call and make an appointment to assure that two Commissioners are present. The Town Clerk's Office can be reached at (508)946-8800 or (508)946-8814.