Election: NEW Voting Machines- ImageCast ICP Voting Tabulators

The Town of Lakeville has purchased new voting tabulators, replacing the 26 year old machines (Optech Eagles, IIIP). The new tabulators are called ImageCast ICP. They are sold and serviced by LHS Associates based in Salem NH. You will first see these machines at the polls with the April 1, 2019 Annual Town Election.

The ImageCast tabulator performs the function of “reading” the cast vote on a ballot and depositing the ballot into the appropriate bin in the ballot box. One difference voters will see starts with the physical ballot. Instead of “connecting the arrow” to indicate a vote, the voter will now “fill in the oval”. This updated machine is more electronic than mechanical, so the voter will notice some difference in depositing the ballot.

A product brochure on the ImageCast is available. Click here