Genealogical Research

Genealogical Research

Vital records (births, marriages, deaths) have been registered in Massachusetts since 1635. 

LAKEVILLE (1853- present)

Lakeville's collection of vital records begins in 1853, the year of our incorporation.  Statewide collection began in 1841, so Lakeville-based records from 1853 - present are available in Lakeville, State Archives and Registry of Vital Records.

Certified copies of Lakeville records from 1853 - present are available from the Town of Lakeville for $10 each (please allow a 10-day fulfillment time).


The State Archives is located at 220 Morrissey Blvd, Boston, MA 02125. They may be reached by calling 617-727-2816. You may search their indexes in person after registering as a researcher, copy microfilmed original documents (also after registering), or research on-line. Certified copies of their records are available from the Archives by request for $3 each.


The Registry of Vital Records maintains the original birth, death and marriage records that have occurred in Massachusetts from 1926 to the present.  RVRS also provides statistics on births, deaths, fetal deaths, divorces, and marriages. These data are used by local and state public health programs and medical researchers to help understand our population, promote wellness, and ensure health equity within the Commonwealth.

The Registry of Vital Records is located at 150 Mount Vernon Street, Dorchester, MA  02125. They may be reached by calling 617-740-2600.  You may search their on-line, microfilm and paper indexes in person during limited hours and for a fee of $9 per hour.  You may also submit records requests same day/over the counter for certified copies for $20 per copy.  When the Lakeville Town Clerk’s Office is open, certified copies of Lakeville residents’ records that occurred from 1853 to the present may be obtained same day/over the counter for $10 each. Please fill out a request form upon your arrival at the office, and provide all related requested information.

In the case of birth or death records, the city or town of occurrence will also have a certified copy, you can go to that city or town and get same day service when they are open.