Town Meetings -Misc Information

Town Meeting

The Town Clerk maintains the record of every Special Town Meeting (STM) and Annual Town Meeting (ATM). The record consists of the articles on the warrant, motions and amendments, and the outcomes or votes of the meeting. This document becomes the journal (Minutes) of the meeting and then a permanent record of the Town of Lakeville.

For questions and answers about Town Meetings, click on the link below (Guide to Voting in Town Meeting):


Town Meetings are held in the Auditorium at Apponequet Regional High School, 100 Howland Road, Lakeville, MA.

The Annual Town Meeting is held on the 2nd Monday of May (Town Bylaws-subject to change).  You must be a registered voter in the Town of Lakeville to attend and vote at any Town Meeting. 

Special Town Meetings are held as necessary and are called for by the Selectmen.

Voter Registration
The last day to register to vote to be eligible to attend an act:
  • The Town Clerk's office will be open late (8:30 AM to 8:00 PM) 20 days before an Annual Town Meeting and
  • 10 days before a Special Town Meeting to register voters.

Town Meeting Information

The Town of Lakeville has an Open Town Meeting which means that all registered voters may speak and vote at the meeting. The Annual Town Meeting convenes on the 2nd Monday in May. Special Town Meetings are anytime when necessary to conduct Town business.

The responsibilities of Town Meeting are to:
  • Appropriate funds for operating and capital budgets for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1 to June 30)
  • Approve all General and Zoning By-Laws and  
  • Accept certain "local option" statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.    
Process and Procedures:

The Town Clerk reports on the actions of each Town Meeting session and is the keeper of the official minutes.

All matters of Town Meeting business are included in the Warrant. Each item of business is called a Warrant article. The Board of Selectmen determines the content and order of articles in the Warrant, and sets the deadline for closing the warrant.

The Town Moderator, who is elected by the voters for a one-year term, presides over the business and conduct of Town Meeting. Operating procedures and rules are dictated by statute, by-laws, or tradition; in their absence Time Meeting Time governs. Citizens may address the Town Meeting, and when recognized by the moderator, may make motions and may participate in votes taken.

  • To hold an Annual Town Meeting there needs to be a quorum of 100 legally registered voters.
  • For Special Town Meetings a quorum of 100 legally registered voters needs to be present for the meeting to take place.

Note: Absentee voting is NOT allowed for Town Meetings.