Sticker & Bag Prices

Transfer Station Stickers

Please note: Transfer Station Stickers are for residential refuse only.

  • The current sticker will be permanently placed accordingly by the attendant.
  • Stickers not permanently attached will be considered null or void
  • All materials must be contained in bags or boxes to prevent windblown litter
  • MA Registration is required- If registration does not have the current Lakeville address, proof of residency is also required consisting of one of the following; current tax bill, current utility bill, lease, or closing papers, etc.
  • Stickers go on sale May 1st and should be purchased by residents using the facility on a weekly basis by July 1st. If you have not purchased your sticker by July 1st, you will be given a reminder and two weeks to purchase one. After the two weeks, you will not be allowed access to the Transfer Station until you purchase your sticker.
Sticker Fees:

Residential/Commercial Stickers

$60.00 initial sticker 

Residential/ Commercial Stickers$10.00 (2nd vehicle of same household)

Garbage Bags

Bag Fees: 

30 gallons

$12.50 per pack of 5 (as of November 11, 2019)

17 gallons$8.00 per pack of 5 (as of November 11, 2019)
All non-recyclable items must be in Town of Lakeville trash bags, or considered a bulky waste item.

Garbage bags can be purchased at any of the following retailers:

  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Winberg's True Value
  • Tamarack Wine & Spirits
  • Starr's Country Store
  • Walgreen's
  • Lakeville Liquors and Market (formerly Savas)
  • Muckey's Liquors
  • Joe's Gas
  • Lakeville Senior Center
  • Board of Selectmen's Office
  • Hannaford's Supermarket
  • Trucchi's Supermarket
  • New England Farms