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Board of Selectmen  

Aaron Burke, Chairman
John Powderly
Miriam Hollenbeck


Rita Garbitt
Town Administrator

Tracie Craig-McGee
Executive Assistant to Board of Selectmen

Lorraine Carboni
Town Coordinator

Address: 346 Bedford Street
Lakeville, MA 02347

Telephone: 508 946-8803
FAX: 508 946-0112
Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Friday


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Meeting Videos: December 3, 2012


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The Board of Selectmen is comprised of three members who are elected, one each year, in the annual town election.  Each Selectmen serves a term once elected, as well as, serving in other capacities, such as the Parking Clerk, ADA Coordinator and Director of Veteran's Services.  The Selectmen serve as the Chief Elected and Executive Officers of the Town.  As stated in the Town's general by-laws, the Selectmen are vested with all the municipal authority not specifically retained by the Town's legislative body, town meeting or other elected boards.  The Board of Selectmen is also responsible for appointing a Town Administrator, who manages the Town's affairs on a daily basis.

The Selectmen are responsible for all facets of governmental duties.  The warrants for the annual and special town meetings are generated from their office.  They also issue the warrants for any elections or override votes scheduled. The Board works together with the Town Administrator, Town Accountant and Finance Committee members to establish the annual operating budget for the Town and to provide a stable economic environment for its citizens.  In addition, the Selectmen are responsible for assessing municipal building needs and capital planning for the Town.  Every July, the Selectmen are responsible for appointing over 150 residents to various positions within the government, such as committees, police officers and board members.  



346 Bedford Street Lakeville, MA  02347


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