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(commonly known as "The Promised Land") 
Lakeville received its name from the chain of broad and beautiful lakes which occupy approximately 4,000 acres of the township. Lakeville was settled in 1717 as a western parish of Middleborough and became incorporated on May 13, 1853 once it split apart from Middleborough.

Lakeville is governed by Open Town Meeting and is led by a town administrator and a board of selectmen. The town has its own police department, fire department, highway department, transfer station, library and council on aging.

Lakeville contains 36.16 square miles of area and is located in Plymouth County, with a population of 10,602 according to the 2010 Census (figures pending 2020 Census)

On the state level, Lakeville is represented in the Massachusetts House of Representatives as a part of the 12th Bristol District. The town is represented by  Senator Michael Rodrigues (D-Westport), as a part of the First Bristol and Plymouth District, which also includes Fall River, Freetown, Rochester, Somerset, Swansea and Westport and Representative Norman Orrall (R-Lakeville), including Berkley, Taunton; Ward 3: Precinct B, Ward 4, Lakeville, Middleborough; Precincts 2, 4, 5.

On the national level, Lakeville is a part of Massachusetts's 4th congressional district, and is currently represented by Jake Auchincloss. The state's senior (Class I) member of the United States Senate, elected in 2012, is Elizabeth Warren. The junior (Class II) senator, elected in 2013, is Ed Markey.

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