Volunteers Wanted

Voluteers Wanted

Town of Lakeville Volunteers Wanted

The Town of Lakeville depends on volunteers to fill a number of positions in serving this community. Each year the Board of Selectmen asks for volunteers to come forward to be considered for appointment to a variety of non-paid positions to serve the Town. For some of the positions listed, incumbents are requesting reappointment, but for many, there are vacancies for which there are no incumbents.  Generally, no special expertise is required – only that the volunteers use good common sense, and be willing to act in the best interests of the community.

If you have some time and energy to devote to your Town, please stop by the Town Clerk’s Office, 346 Bedford Street, Massachusetts and fill out a form or print out the applications (see below) and return to the Town Clerk’s office.

You will be contacted for an interview by the appointing authority (usually the Board of Selectmen), and they will be making their appointments from the candidates interviewed. All terms are for three years unless otherwise noted. The Board of Selectmen may consider appointing non-voting associate members to some Boards, Committees and Commissions in addition to the regular members.

  • Application for all others (see volunteer form)
  • Application for Board Committees & Commissions (see attachment)