Assawompset Pond Complex

The Assawompset Pond Complex is considered an “Important Bird Area” by the Mass Audubon Society. This conservation land contains about 10,000 acres made up of oak-conifer transitional forest, lakes, ponds and wooded swamps. There are also a variety of spots for the fanatical fishermen and women amongst us. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to spot the nesting bald eagles.

The Assawompset Pond Complex located on the Plymouth/Bristol County line is composed of Assawompset, Pocksha, Great Quittacas, Little Quittacas and Long Ponds. Long Pond is heavily developed and the only one in the complex open to public recreation. The complex is the largest natural water body in Massachusetts and is a significant archeological site.

Parts of the complex are open to hunting and fishing with public access via Long Pond.