Open Space Committee

The work of the Open Space Committee is focused on the preservation of open space, cultural and natural resources and updating the 2001 Lakeville Open Space and Recreation Plan. To this end, the Committee works with Town residents, local officials, state and federal agencies, and private nonprofit land conservation organizations to further the preservation of Lakeville's water resources, biological diversity, scenic resources, and recreational opportunities.

After the extraordinary land conservation achievements of 2001 and early 2002, the Leonard Farm, the Tamarack site, the Reynolds Farm, and Betty's Neck, Lakeville and its private, non-profit partners continue to protect significant parcels of land for the preservation of our natural resources. In late December 2002, the Town accepted the donation of two parcels totaling 29 acres between Vaughan Street and Staples Shore Road, adjacent to John Paun Park and the Staples Shore Conservation Area. In May, 2003, the Town accepted the donation of a 1.6 acre parcel on Highland Road abutting both the Hilltop (Rotch) Farm (protected under an Agricultural Preservation Restriction) and other lands of conservation interest. 

In December 2003, the Massachusetts Audubon Society accepted the donation of nearly 100 acres adjacent to both the Assonet Cedar Swamp Preserve and the Reynolds Farm Conservation Restriction. In 2005 the Town accepted a 10 acre Conservation Restriction (CR) at Deerfield Crossing off Vaughan Street and in 2006 it accepted 10 acre CR on Harding Street/Rte. 44. The Wildlands Trust accepted a CR on 6 acres along Poquoy Brook and 58 acres off Highland Road, which is contiguous to the Town owned Vigers Conservation Area. The Open Space Committee wishes to extend our sincere thanks to the donors of these significant parcels, and encourages anyone with an interest in conserving their land for perpetuity to contact this Committee or the Town Administrator.

The 2001 Lakeville Open Space and Recreation Plan is available for review at the Lakeville Public Library.  The Open Space Committee meets regularly on the first Thursday of the month  in the Town Office Building Conference Room. We welcome and encourage the participation of all those interested in the preservation of open space and cultural and natural resources.

Committee Members

Name Title
Jesse Medford Chairman
Elizabeth Nash Member
Brian Reynolds Member
Martha Schroeder Member
Brian Anderson Member
Deanna Elliot Member
Donna Wabrek Member

Committee Contact

Executive Assistant