Assessor's Office

Board of Assessors

The Lakeville Board of Assessors is that branch of local government whose job is to estimate the value of all real and personal property within the Town. This value is calculated into an assessment which computes into a property tax bill.

In addition, the Assessors Office performs many other functions such as inspecting new construction and improvements to existing structures. This ensures that the Assessors Office has a current and accurate record of each property's physical inventory for fair and appropriate assessments.

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FY19 Tax Rate:
$13.30 per thousand valuation

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Harald Scheid Regional Assessor (508) 946-8809
Norman Taylor Assessment Specialist (508) 946-8809
Linda Pendergrace Clerk (508) 946-8809

Board Members

Name Title
Evagelia Fabian Member
John Olivieri, Jr. Member
Jonathan Pink Member