Transfer Station

  • Hazardous Materials Flyer

General Information

  • All vehicles required to have a sticker (Expires June 30th)
  • All transfer station stickers are purchased at the Transfer Station/ Recycling Center.  
  • To purchase a replacement transfer sticker, you must remove and turn in the sticker or a piece of the sticker with the number still intact or full price will be required. A replacement sticker is only available if you purchased a sticker in the current sticker period.
  • You are required to stop at the attendants shed prior to unloading your vehicle to have your load examined & obtain a receipt.
  • Attendants have the right to adjust prices according to circumstances at hand.
  • Free compost & wood chips (To sticker vehicles)
  • All prices subject to change

Residents can call the Transfer Station at (508) 947-6599 for holiday closings, hours of operation, special announcements and last minute storm closings. Please leave a message with questions as the phone is not manned by personnel.

Also, the Transfer Station is now accepting items known as Rigid Plastic. These items include resin lawn chairs, plastic toys, Tupperware items, five-gallon pails, kitty litter buckets, etc.

Please note: As of April 1, 2010, the office and recycling shed will close 15 minutes prior to the gate closing time. Within those 15 minutes, no bulky waste, TV's or white goods will be accepted and recyclers will be asked to return the next day. Trash bags may be disposed of up to the time of closing.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
David Thomas Transfer Station Lead Operator (508) 947-6599