Middleborough-Lakeville Herring Fishery Commission

Event Date: 
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 7:00pm

LOCATION: Middleborough Town Hall



New Business:

1.  Accept minutes from December meeting.

2.  Election of officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary).

3.  Discussion: Corps of Engineers communications.

4.  Update on Dam Management Group meeting.

5. Update on Oliver Mill Park work.

Old business:

1  River conditions/maintenance needs.

2.  Project updates;

     a.  Update on Notice of Intent / ConCom action.

     b.  Kiosk grant repairs.

Communications and Bills:

1.  APC management team set for 9:00 AM Jan 9.

2.  Middleborough selectmen meeting with Lakeville representatives re: water level concerns tent. Set for Jan 14.