UPDATE Town of Lakeville Covid-19 Response

Real Estate Tax Bill Due Date extended until June 1, 2020

Debra Kenney, Treasurer/Tax Collector has announced that Real Estate Tax Bill Due Dates have been extended until June 1, 2020.  There will not be any late charges associated with the extended due date.  If you have any questions, please contact her office at (508) 946-8801. 

Lakeville Covid-19 Update 4-7-20  11:42 AM

The number of confirmed cases or deaths reported by any Town or institution on a given day do not represent the actual number of new cases or deaths in the community.

The reporting chain and the availability of testing to the population are important factors.

The reporting chain includes most of the following steps:...

1. Doctor or laboratory diagnoses a COVID-19 case based on testing (people living with someone testing positive are not listed as positive unless they are tested)

2. Doctor or laboratory submits report to health department of the city or local district.

3. Health department receives the report and records each individual case in the reporting system, including patient information.

4. The Town Nurse or Health Agent contacts the confirmed cases and conducts an investigation.

5. The Town brings this data together and publishes the latest figures.

There is an extremely low testing rate for Covid19 and having a small amount of people actually tested creates the idea that these are the only people infected; this idea is simply untrue. It is not the people that have tested positive and are quarantined that the average person needs to be weary of….it is everyone else. 80% of the people that have Coronavirus do not have symptoms and are still capable of going out in public and infecting others.

This reporting chain can take several days due to how long the tests take. This is why the figures reported on any given date do not necessarily reflect the number of new
cases or deaths. The numbers don’t tell the whole story.

All that being said, the Town of Lakeville currently has 13 people who “tested” positive for Covid19 and 2 have since recovered.

It is my sincerest hope that this does not give anyone a false sense of security because the real number is most likely in the hundreds for all the
reasons enumerated above.

Please reach out to the Lakeville Covid19 Hotline for questions or concerns 508-946-0044

Maureen Candito
Town Administrator
Phone: 508-946-8803
Cell: 774-766-0639
Email: mcandito@lakevillema.org

Lakeville Covid-19 Update 3-23-20  2:33PM:  

Update: CodeRED Notification System 

The CodeRED system provides a centralized method to keep residents and those who work in Lakeville better informed during major events, emergencies or weather-related incidents. CodeRED is designed to alert residents of emergencies by telephone or email addresses. Since many residents are using mobile phones instead of landlines, we urge you to register their mobile phone numbers with this service. To get more information or sign up for CodeRED, please click here, or visit the links below:


CodeRED for mobile devices 

Update:  New Dedicated Phone Line for Information Regarding COVID19 and HIPPA Privacy and Security Rules.

There may be confusion about the information that can be shared about individuals who have contracted COVID19, those suspected of exposure to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, and those with whom information can be shared.  The Town will not be sharing the personal information of anyone whom we have been alerted as having COVID19 to any members of the public or media.

It is important to remember that during a public health emergency such as a disease outbreak, and this applies to HIPAA compliance and COVID19, that the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules still apply. The HIPAA Security Rule ensures the security of patients’ protected health information (PHI) and requires reasonable safeguards to be implemented to protect PHI against impermissible uses and disclosures. The HIPAA Privacy Rule restricts the uses and disclosures of PHI to those related to treatment, payment, and healthcare operations.

This means that we will not be disclosing the whereabouts, home address or Names of people with COVID19.

What we will be sharing is the latest numbers of those confirmed, new information and older information about precautions and the latest list of rules and regulations and changes to government around containing the spread and flattening the curve of the COVID19 spike.

For information about COVID19 and testing and risk assessment, you can still call the Mass Department of Health 2-1-1, but if you have a concern that you would like to speak with someone specifically about related to Lakeville, we have established a hotline that will be manned with a live person or have someone return your call.  That number is (508) 946-0044.

The people manning this hotline will not give out personal information about the people that have tested positive.

Please be reminded that we all share a part in flattening the curve of positive cases.  Practice social distancing, wash your hands for at least 30 seconds or use hand sanitizer whenever possible.  If you do not feel well, stay home and if someone is ill in your household, stay home.  If you have questions about your risk or exposure you should call your Primary Care or dial 2-1-1, for the Mass Department of Health information line.

Important links for information:



The Town of Lakeville is closely following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) to prevent the spread of the virus. The Town and its Public Health Team is continuing to monitor the situation and will continue to share information with the community as it becomes available. The Town Hall will have an updated message on it’s voicemail if nobody is there to take your call.  Please dial 508-946-0044 if there is a specific Town related question you have about our response to Covid19.


The Town Administrator wishes to provide residents with the latest information regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the following measures being taken by the Town:

Town buildings, including Town Hall, COA, Library, Animal Shelter, and Highway Department are closed to the public.  One (1) noted exception will be:

1.  The Transfer Station will remain open for “bagged trash” only: no recycling or contractor waste will be accepted.  We have received many phone calls regarding recycling.  We do not have a date on when recycling will be accepted again. 

2.  All buildings will be staffed.  Telephones and emails will be answered. You can reach the Departments clicking on the contact list

  • All Board, Committee, and Commission meetings will be postpones or meeting remotely under further notice.  
  • The Council on Aging Meals on Wheels program will still operate and the Council on Aging will be staffed for the foreseeable future  (the building is still closed to the general public.)
  • Fire Department visits are limited to the public.  The door is closed to the public but all emergency calls will be taken immediately.
  • Police Department- Emergency calls will continue to be investigated immediately.
  • Residents are asked to call the Lakeville dispatch center to file reports and for all non-emergencies.  Dispatch can be reached at 508-947-4422.  Written statements and photographs for minor incidents, property crimes and other similar reports will be accepted by email.
  • The Library Building will be closed to the public. 
  • The Town Hall will be closed to the public, wit the exception of the vesitbule near the Fire Department doors that will have forms that you can fill out or drop off. 
  • The Highway Department will be closed to the public.
  • All Town Parks remain open for walking, but not for any type of group activity.  the Lakeville Police Department will be enforcing these restrictions.   
  • Betty's Neck and land of the Assawompset Pond Complex is open to passive recreation if allowed.  Residents are requested to adhere to social distancing requirements and not cluster in groups of 10 or more people.  Reminder that dogs must be leashed at all times and dog waste must be cleaned up. 
  • Forms and payment links are available on the Town's website at www.lakevillema.org
  • The Lakeville Covid-19 hotline number is staffed for your questions.  Please reach out to 508 946-0044.
  • Residents can conduct most town business online at www.lakevillema.org and make online payments by clicking on the following links:  
  • Treasurer / Collector’s Office online bill payment link
  • Town Clerk’s Office online bill payment link
  • Building Department Online 

To view a phone number/email list of all Town Departments, please click here. 

Town officials will continue to assess the situation and determine alternative solutions to gatherings that require physical interaction.  The Town Administrator, Department Heads and Board Members are meeting regularly to assess the situation and determine next steps as situations change. 

Town officials will make every effort to handle as much business as possible via phone and electronic platforms. 

If you have a questions or concern about Covid 19, call 2-1-1; Massachusetts has a dedicated line for your Covid-19 questions.

Informatoin is updated daily on the Town's website.   

The COVID-19 situation is fluid, and new information and guidelines are being posted by the CDC on a regular basis.  The CDC offers the following guidance for how COVID-19 spreads.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) website for Coronavirus Information: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

Massachusetts Department of Public Health for Coronavirus Information:https://www.mass.gov/resource/information-on-the-outbreak-of-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19