Health Notices

Notice From CDC Regarding Tick & Mosquito Diseases

To view information from the CDC regarding tick and mosquito diseases, please click here.

Notice From Board of Health Regarding Rabid Racoon

The Board of Health would like to nofity residents that a rabid racoon was found in the northern part of Lakeville, off of Route 105. The racoon was killed and sent to the State lab for testing and was confirmed positive for rabies. Pet owners should keep their dogs on leashes and cats inside if possible.

Plymouth County Mosquito Notice

Please click here to view a notice from Plymouth Mosquitor regarding spraying requests. 

Board of Health Advisory Regarding Horse Manure From Domestic Animals

The Board of Health has issued an advisory regarding manure from domestic animals on public streets. To read the advisory, please click here.

Board of Health Advisory Regarding Radionuclides

The Board of Health has issued an advisory regarding the presence of radionuclides being present in some wells in Lakeville. To read the advisory, please click here.

Link From Department of Public Health Regarding Emergency Preparedness

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health has recently issued amendments (effective June 6, 2014) to the State Bathing Beach regulations (105 CMR 445) with respect to acceptable water quality criteria and posting requirements. Anyone wishing to review the State regulations and recent amendments may click here.

Previously in 2010 the Lakeville BOH had issued a press release at that time regarding revised beach permitting regulations (also State, that became effective in 2010) that required any semi-public bathing beach, as defined in 105 CMR 445, to apply to the local Health Department within the Town the beach is located in, to permit the beach. The local Board of Health is required to permit the beach and review operations, which includes explicit signage requirements in addition to weekly testing requirements and associated weekly postings and/or closures dependent upon the results of the testing.

To date, none of the semi-public (Association owned or controlled) beaches in Lakeville are permitted, in compliance with State regulations, nor can they be considered safe for swimming, and should be posted as such, by those in control of said semi-public beaches. 

If you have any concerns regarding water quality and potential public health issues associated with a semi-public beach in Lakeville that you may utilize or have rights to, please have your association representative(s) contact the Lakeville Health Department at 508-946-3473 to ensure your beach is properly permitted under the State regulations, and tested accordingly, for the safety of all who may utilize said bathing beach. 

Any questions may be directed to the Department of Public Health and/or the Lakeville Health Department and/or you may email Kevin Bernardo, Health Agent for Lakeville Board of Health.

Mosquito Spraying - Plymouth County

Plymouth County Mosquito Control has announced that Aerial Larvidicing for Mosquitoes will be taking place during the week of April 27, 2016 to May 4, 2016 to reduce larval mosquito populations. Spraying will be done only over selected swamps. No applications will be made over residences.

The office is open Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. For spraying requests and to obtain further information please call: 781-585-5450.

The following number 617-582-6219 should not be used to request spraying. It is furnished on a 24-hour basis from May 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016 to allow residents access to schedules and locations of adulticiding a day in advance to applications.

For fact sheets, information regarding the EEE and WNV Viruses, and information on the pesticide to be used, please click here or visit the Department of Public Health website.