Becoming an Election Worker

Poll worker
If you are a registered Lakeville voter and you are interested in becoming a paid Election Day poll worker, please fill out an Election Officer Application & Description(see attachment), and drop it off at the Town Clerk's office or fax, scan and email to or mail to:

Lillian M. Drane, Town Clerk, 346 Bedford Street, Lakeville, MA 02347

We're always looking for interested, competent individuals to work at the polls on Election day. Even if you can't work every election, we like to have a list of workers to call for substitutions or additions. Training is provided before each election and there are plenty of mentors available during the work day. Part-day and full-day slots are available.

Election Worker Training

Election worker training will be held for all workers before all Elections. The focus of the training is usually on areas specific to a primary election, election laws, what to do in an emergency, and voter/election worker interaction among other things.

Restrictions as a Election Worker

Election workers cannot vote absentee due to the fact that they are working in Lakeville on Election Day. Part-time workers may vote while they are off duty. Full-time workers should make arrangements to vote during lunch break or during a slow time of day as approved by the Town Clerk.

Lakeville Election Worker Policy

Although this policy is not required by law, it is within the supervisory authority of the Town Clerk, as the Chief Election Official, to set forth this policy in order to avoid the appearance of partiality by any Election Worker,  MGL c.54, § 71A:

  1. An Election Worker who has a relative or a person close to them that is contested candidate on a ballot WILL NOT be able to participate in that particular election or recount.  Please notify the Town Clerk or Warden if you find yourself in this situation. If the candidate is not contested, an allowance might be permitted by the Town Clerk if there is a shortage of election workers for that particular election.
  2. An Election Worker WILL NOT be able to participate in any election or recount of a candidate or ballot question that they wish to publicly support or oppose as a voter.  This includes, displaying political signs, bumpers stickers or buttons and/ or working on any political committee.  Please notify the Town Clerk or Warden if you find yourself in this situation.

You may exercise your right to support or oppose any candidate or ballot question, but you WILL BE PROHIBITED from working at that particular election.