Earth Removal Permit Information

Earth Removal Permit Application

The Selectmen also supervise and approve all earth removal and stockpile permits issued within the Town.  Earth is defined as any soil, loam, sand, gravel, clay, stone , ledge or other earth material.  Any person desiring to remove earth shall make application in writing to the Board, who, after public hearing of which due notice shall be given, may issue a written permit for such removal.  

Fees for earth removal operations are $.15 per cubic yard with an administrative fee of $200 per acre which encompasses the earth removal activity.  Applications for earth removal can be obtained in the Selectmens office and are to be accompanied with an engineered plan showing the following: 

  1. The location of the proposed excavation.
  2. The legal name and address of the owner of the property involved.
  3. The legal name and address of the petitioner, which address shall be used by the Board for all correspondence hereunder.
  4. Names and addresses of all abutting property owners, including those across any streets.
  5. The proposed method of performance security to be used.
  6. A plan and representative profiles of the area, prepared by a Registered Professional Engineer, from which final grades may be established.

To view the entire earth removal by-law, please look under General By-law - Earth Removal.